Final thoughts


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I would like to say that I really did enjoy this course. I came into this course not really knowing what to expect or what I would learn from it. The thing that I really would like to praise in this class would be the discussion aspect of it. I find that for me I really succeed in classes where students and I are really able to engage and discuss what is being talked about and taught. It really helps to keep me engaged in the class. I love to engage and voice my opinion about topics that are interesting. Listening to others opinions also really got me to draw my attention to the class.  My favorite topic of discussion by far was in the final weeks of this class about environmental communication. I have always talked about and enjoyed the topic of the environment. I found the topics we discussed about how the environment is communicated about or portrayed  in our world very captivating. I have even been able to imply some of the material I have learned about in my own conversations outside of class. Even if I do not decide to make a career out of this class I really believe that this class will help me become more educated for the real world.Another thing I surprisingly enjoyed from this class was the readings. I hate reading but, these books really got me to open up to the idea. I found them very interesting and easy for me to read. I even would fine myself reading ahead because I was so interested. So many of the lessons we talked about and read about in this class are so relevant to what is happening in our society right now. Very few of the classes I am in at the moment will leave me walking away with a lasting impression but, for this class I know I will take away  information that will stay with me through my life.

-Claire Greve


The status of our coral reefs

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Recently in social media there was news the the Great barrier reef was completely dead. But then I noticed to seem more news after this came out that it in fact was not yet dead but, was getting close to it. So with this I would like to find out what the actual state of the reef is and also what the condition of other coral reefs are over all. So the good news is that it is confirmed that the great barrier reef is not dead. Bad news is it is confirmed it is dying. Due to pollution and the growing acidity and rising temperature of the ocean the great barrier reef along with all of the other coral reefs in the ocean are in great danger of being complete wiped out .  75% of all of the oceans coral reefs are at the risk of completely dying. 93% of the worlds largest reef which is the great barrier reef has been effected by  bleaching. Bleaching is when the reef is put under extreme stress from all of this ocean pollution. It is important for scientists who are devoted to saving the reefs let people know that the reefs are not dead or at least not dead yet. They want people to know this so they are still willing to contribute to save them or save what is left of them. Coral reefs make up only 1% of the ocean but they are home to as much as a 25% of all ocean species. So is no conservation or action is taken to protect this coral these species will most likely die out as well.  The oceans coral reefs are also millions of years old. The great barrier reef specifically took 25 million years to grow to the size it is, or was. What is happening to these beautiful reefs is tragic and more action needs to be taken to prevent further destruction.

Scientist: 75 percent of coral reefs are threatened — but there’s hope!

-claire greve

Whats really in your trash?


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When you think of trash or the trashcan in your kitchen you probably think of it being filled with gross wasted food but, if you really took the time to look at what was in the trash can you might notice that not to be completely true. You might me surprised to find that food is only a very small portion of your trashcan. Whats really taking up the majority of your trash is the packaging your foods come in. Nearly a quarter to a third of our nations waste is made up of packaging items. These items could be  plastic bottles, foam packaging, aluminum, or cardboard. All of these packaging’s are ending up in our landfills and do not breakdown and will be there for centurys. Also there are some products who are packaging their products in unnecessary packaging . The image above shows a banana that already has a natural package being its peel, having a foam tray as well as saran wrap wrapped around it. Things like this are unnecessary and are harmful to our earth. When going to the store try to avoid buying things with unnecessary packaging. Look for products that have packaging made from recycled waste. Companies such as McDonald’s has even started serving their meals in recycled bags and cardboard, so that’s a step. Its very important re-recycle these products as well so they do not end up in a landfill. Its also a good idea to maybe look at the packaging you are about to throw away and think if maybe if could become useful. Things like a used up ketchup bottle can be reused for a number of things. Things like making pancakes in the morning. The squeeze bottle would be great to make the perfectly proportioned pancake!

-Claire Greve

Three offenders of Greenwashing

1. General Electric:

The company had declared in 2005 they would launch there “ecomagination” advertisement plan. So what these adds do is express their effort towards a cleaner, more efficient source of energy. They also promote reducing emissions and more abundant water sources. So GE would make these claims in their adds trying to seem more Eco-freindly. GE was and still may be one of the worlds largest polluters. We haven’t seen any real change to the way they produce energy thus the organization is greenwashing by making these claims in there adds.

2. Coke

Coca-Cola has tried to cover up there shameful and non eco friendly actions by being a sponsor for the Climate Change Conference. The fact they would even be allowed to sponsor something like that is kinda shocking to me. Not only do they bottle their products in one of the most non eco-friendly packaging’s they are guilty of other non eco- friendly actions. They were accused of stealing water from farmlands in a drought in India and Latin America…… They did this when they were opening bottle plants and would such the water from the small surrounding communities for there building.

3. Monsanto

I’m honestly baffled that this is even still a company. They are just so evil in so many ways. One more way they are evil is their greenwashing. Monsanto pushes their GMO of soy claiming it is responsible choice for protecting the environment. Soy is not in any way a good choice to protect the environment. In reality the production of Soy has caused the destruction of millions of acres in rain forests around the world.NOT ECO-FRIENDLY!!!!

-Claire Greve

American waste and how we can help

In class we discussed just how Americans are some of the most wasteful people on this planet despite the constant  effort to change that. I have just decided to look into some simple changes that we as Americans can make to our everyday life besides the obvious ones like using reusable water bottles and reusable grocery bags. One very simple step you can take is when you are going out to the store or the mall before you decide to purchase something you should think to yourself ” do I need a new one or can I make due with the one I already have” or ” is this really something I need”.  By doing this simple step it can help reduce the amount of waste because you are not buying more stuff to waste. Try to make sure that when you are buying items they are recyclable. You can tell if a item is recyclable if it has one of the recyclable symbols on it.   You should do your research on some of there symbols though because there are many different symbols that mean different things.Another super simple step is to go paperless. Try not to use paper for things and resort to you computer for taking notes and writing other documents. Borrow, lend, and reuse. If you are in need of something that you really only think you will use the one time you need to use it, you should try to ask around first to see of anyone else can lend you it. Things such as books, gardening tools, movies, can all be easily borrowed. The next easy step can contribute to the using less paper step. Stop the junk mail. All that unnecessary paper being sent to you house that you throw away can be stopped by a phone call or a webpage visit.

-Claire Greve


planet-earth-2-full-trailer-01The wait is over! If anyone is a fan of nature and natures beauty and the majestic animals that we share this earth with then I’m guessing your a fan of the discovery channel series Planet Earth. And if you are a fan then you most likely heard the news already.  They are finally getting ready to release Planet Earth 2. It has been nearly a decade since we were first blessed with Planet Earth in 2006. It took five years for them to complete the first series so it being ten years later I cant even imagine what kinds of things they have documented.  On the topic of conservation and preservation I think that those are to things we can expect to be mentioned in the series. I expect them to document and compare some changes that the filmmakers have noticed happening in the environments since the first documentary. I expect them to show changes in locations such as in the amazon rain forest, because of how much work is being promoted to try and conserve and preserve the rain forest I hope they can show us if any of the work is helping or isn’t having a impact thus the need for more action. I plan on seeing a drastic change to some of the populations of the animals they document. Animals such as the polar bears. In the last episode they had with them we witnesses a mother and two cubs struggling to survive. Again I would like to see if animals such as the polar bears are still struggling or if there has been any progress in the conservation of the species. Some things I’m especially exited for in the second series is that it is filmed in ultra high definition to make sure the viewers are able to observe every breathtaking detail of what they are documenting. They have not set a date for the release of the sequel but, they have left us with a already breathtaking trailer. In the tailor we see that we are going to witness some new environments and species including a sloth, a grizzly bear, and co-mono dragon.


-claire greve

They both suck but one sucks a little less


In the recent presidential drama… yes I referred to it as drama because I have yet to hear anything important come for either candidates mouth other then them saying things to make digs at each other and how horrible the other one is, but besides that I have recently decided that I am going to vote for the candidate that has the most similar views to myself. The biggest decision for me on who I am going to vote for falls on the candidate who will do the most to protect our earth, because well if our planet is not in good shape then nothing else really matters. I had to do some research to find out who really cares about our planet and who will be making the steps to end global warming. And to my surprise I found the candidate who seems to want to take the most action against China and their rumors about global warming  is Donald Trump. Jk its Hillary and china has nothing to do with this(I think…jk) but honestly if it was Trump I would still have a hard time voting for him, but ill save that for another day. So as Hillary is the one who really believes that global warming is a issue and that the proof is in the science I want to know how she is going to take the steps to reduce the earths temperature as well as reduce flooding. In the first presidential debate Hilary says that in order to protect the earth from anymore damage from global warming we need to take action immediately. Something that I really like about how she is going to take action to help these issues is that she says if she is elected she will meet with local leaders to make sure they make it a priority to take action against climate change. I believe that is a effective way to combat global warming because if we are going to make any difference it has to start small and with local leaders and by making sure that they are making steps to help then we could start to see a global change. Clinton also wants to make sure that on a global level we keep emission levels under control.

“I really am tired of the debate, which is a phony debate. Climate change is real. It is here. It has to be dealt with. If I hear another politician or public official say they don’t know to say because they’re not a scientist, I’m just going to yell because–go talk to a scientist! Go listen to a scientist. Go learn about what is actually happening to our climate.”

I was honestly unsure who I was going to vote for throughout the presidential race. And when it got down to Hillary and Trump I knew we were screwed. But that just meant I knew I had to do some research to convince myself to vote for Hillary. And I think that that was the quote that did it for me and if you are still undecided and and care about the future for our planet I hope this quote can convince you as well.

-claire greve