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As a psychology major and education major, I have to be honest that I didn’t really study the environment, until now. This class has opened my eyes that there is a lot going on in on, on our earth. I have always said that communication is key, talking to people about what is important to you, is how how you get things noticed.  Many people don’t communicate what is going on in our health care or environmental system, and it needs to  change. As a teacher, right now, I have started to ask them questions about the environment that they live in, they  aren’t really aware of whats happening. For example half of them didn’t even know about the fires that were happening in Tennessee, which is very sad. Stressing to our youth that they need to be more aware of what they are personally doing, and how it makes a difference in the world. What really hit home for me is the lack of health care that people of lower income families are actually getting. No matter how much money a person makes, they shouldn’t be punished for this and miss out on good health care. Our government needs to change the system so that high and low income families can receive health care. All in all, as my first communication class, I thought this was a great class, I learned so much about each topic we covered, although my main interest area isn’t the way we communicate to a large group of people about our environment, I still found it to be very interesting all the same. The open discussions that we had in here, were sometimes very heated, at least that’s how i felt, to me that is a good thing, to see young adults care so much about environment.


Colleen Wilburn


Our World

Recently in class we have been discussing how our world and claimant have been changing in major ways with in the past years.  I do believe in claimant change, although I haven’t not noticed any bog difference in my life time, personally. Although, I know it is very real I have seen through studies and research that have been done. Watching documentary it was very upsetting to see the changes of the ice in the arctic, I never thought that we would ever lose that much ice in shut a short amount of time. I think about later in my life will there not be any polar bears, will my kids never see the snow? Since the water levels are rising what are we going to to do with out homes and buildings? How many people are going to have to lose everything for someone to stand up. I thought it was very interesting that in China they are doing so much more for the claimant that America is, and they have a lot less space.  last week I was reading how Sweden how they became the first country to rid themselves of using fossil fuels. Just like that they completely stopped using them and only are using reusable energy. I believe that there is hope for our world, there just needs to be more education brought to everyone. We as the people of the world need to stand up to our leaders, so they have to make a change.   The rest of the world need tp jump on the band wagon like Sweden and make this drastic change. We need to just cut ourselves off cold turkey, we can survive, but we are afraid that we might have to change our lives a small percent.

Organic, really Organic?

For the last five to ten years in our country eating organic is the new thing. People really want to know where their food is coming from, for them this means going to farmers markets, meeting the farmers face to face. Unfortunately consumers are being taken advantage of, there are things that are being down to prevent this. The USDA requires that all farmers have to pass a report to hold these certifications. This could be something like testing soil samples, and if they aren’t using pesticides. Time Cheng is an organic certifier in the US that travels around to these small local farms to assess them. there are 24,000 certified organic farmers in the US alone. With this being said it is important for them to stay on top of these farmers are doing everything correctly. Along with Cheng along with many others make “surprise” visit to these farms along with their normal inspection, which is a good thing. They’ve found that some farmers “cheat” which not acceptable according their certification. As we all know our found isn’t not only grown in the US, we import food from other countries, like China. The unfortunate thing about importing “organic” food from other countries is that they fallow their own standards of organic in that specific country. In the article it talks about how these farms are awful, and do not hold up  to our standards of organic. As a consumers this is upsetting to me, if these countries are not fallowing our standards and this is the food we are buying from. If they aren’t going to play buy our roles then we should buy their food. This could also help our local farms grow. When the food industry takes advantage of millions of people, by marking something as organic when its not, and then charge and arm and a leg, something needs to be done. This is why i buy from local farmers in my area, because I don’t want to be taken advantage of by these good industries.


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Health of the Animal

This past week in class there were so many interesting topics that were covered. What i found interesting was all of the different types on Ecological ides there are. The one that I fond that was most interesting to me was the Ethics and Values Ideologies. There are many organization in this country that fight for animal  rights. the one that is most popular in PETA. PETA fights for the rights of animals that they believe are being miss treated< which let’s be honest they think every animal  is being miss treated. At times they are a little heavy handed  and over dramatic, but they make their point very clear. PETA is a perfect example of a group that only cares about the well being on animals and not the environmental. On the other had there are groups that are only concerned with the protection of the environment. Back to the point of the animals, animal shelters are only concerned about the care of their animals they have, that’s why they are big on the saying “adopt don’t shop” which was discussed in class. To me the right and safety of every animal is important, and if a person cant care for a pet they shouldn’t have one. As humans it is our responsibility to care for these animals  to be their voices when they are hurting, to give the what they need to be happy. We get so busy in our own personal lives that sometimes we forget to care for the four legged friend that loves us with all of their harts, caring for them should be out top priorities, I think a lot of people sometimes forget that they aren’t self sufficient like a human is, which means they need extra care and attention

Colleen Wilbun


Science In PrivateSchools

As a person who went to a privet catholic school for half of their schooling years, science was a staple in our education. Science education was very prevalent in my school, it was something that was talked about openly, there wasn’t any shaming the subject matter the some might think there is. It is important to note that not all privet schools are as open as some others might be. One topic that always seems to be a sensitive area in the church is evolution. Many church followers would rather skip the subject altogether and find something to teach. The school I went to taught evolution and no one seem to have a problem with it, in fact my science teacher was my religion teacher. In the article a parents talks about how they want their child to be taught evolution and science because that what the world revolves around. I think a lot of parents are realizing that it is not in their child’s best interest to keep then sheltered from something that is referenced in every classroom and work place around the world.  Not only that, but a child needs to form their own beliefs about any subject, so giving  them all the information about any topic is only giving them the opportunity to form their own belief’s. It’s my thought that it isn’t right for any parent to keep information from their child that wont do them any harm, learning about another theory of how the earth started isn’t going to kill them. A parent also has to consider a child’s future, college specifically. The chances of them continuing on to a privet college might be slim and  even then there are science classes in those colleges. Again it wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest to keep them closed off to something as big as science.


Colleen Wilburn

The State of Mental Health.

In our country there are many things that are influenced by our media, some good or bad. As a psychology major, mental health is stressed to us from day one. We see on the news every night about “brand new” information about the latest illness, like the flu. Statistic are shoved into our faces, and only a small percent really understand the information that is given. American news is very good at showing mental illness as a terrible thing, and those who have it are just as bad.  A large amount of our population is afraid of those with mental illness, and are afraid to interact with them as well. If there is ever a story that talks about someone getting hurt or injured, it is always made known if the person was mentally ill or not. The Government doesn’t offer the proper amount of care and facilities for those who need care. For me this is upsetting because no one should live their entire life being sick, when all the need is chance to get back on their feet. Sure it’s not all to blame on the government, it’s a nasty stereotype that needs to stop. If there was more support from everyone else in the country, and weren’t so afraid. It really comes down to the lack of education that a lot of people have about mental health, which needs to change. One way that this could change is through our own school system, teaching at least the basics about about the illnesses.


Go local…

In America there is a change that is happening with the standards of the food we buy. There is a big push for everyone to go organic everything, dairy, vegetables, fruits, meats. We are seeing this push through media, especially social media. if you scroll through your Facebook feed there is a high chance you’ll see and add calming that a food company now offers some kind of product organic. More often than not these foods aren’t truly organic by any means. With this being said there are consumers that have completely stopped going to the grocery store and only go to their local farmers market, or raise their own food. probably one of the biggest pushes for being organic is eggs… yes eggs. There a thousands of people who are willing to pay seven dollars for six eggs, that clam they are organic, when they aren’t, because they are certified through the USDA. So many people now buy their own chickens, raise them up to produce their own truly organic eggs. A lot of families are doing this because they truly know where their food is coming from and how the birds are raised. Besides that, parents are using these chickens to help teach their children how to respect animals  and treat them with care. Adding on to this now there are seed and feed companies that are producing non-GMO feed and, gluten free feed, yes it’s possible. With many families going organic and gluten free, the feed companies are filling the need for this specialty food for the animals. Yes, it is always going to be easier to go to the store and buy a dozen eggs and fruit and vegetables, but to many people,  they are starting to realize that knowing where their food comes from is really important. Because they know there isn’t any extra medications in the animal.

Store-Bought Eggs Vs. Farm-Fresh Eggs

Colleen Wilburn