Although We’ve Come To The End of The Road…(Last Blog)


I am extremely amazed by how much I have learned in this course. Coming into this course, I was the least bit of motivated. I knew it was a freshman/sophomore level course, and I was graduating in December, and I only picked the class because it fit into my class schedule. So upon our first class visit, you could only imagine the thoughts that were circulating in my head, “What is the class even going to talk about?”, “Why do we have three different books to read?”, “This class is probably about to have a lot of busy work!”. And taken by surprise this class was not that bad at all. The topics discussed throughout the semester were relevant to today’s society and are pressing issues that many of us ignore.

Out of the three sections the topic that caught me by surprise would have to definitely be the last section. The last couple of weeks I learned terms that I simply ignored such as greenwashing and climate change/global warming. To know that as citizens we have been brainwashed not to see the big problems that are environment is facing, we believe that we still have all this time to fix these problems or that they aren’t big problems to worry about now, and in reality they are huge problems. It’s just fascinating how many “educated” people don’t see issues that are lying right in front of our eyes.

What I will take away from this course is that as a Communication major, whether it is my area of expertise or not, I need to be aware of hot topics and learn how to communicate that to others that aren’t able to access or gain this information. Whether it’s health, science or the environment I can research and understand this issues and communicate it to the people around me so we can shed light on issues that are often ignored. We’ve come to the end of the road. Thanks to our professor and our great TA and, thanks to my classmates that engaged in conversations on certain blog topics that I have had. And congratulations to the graduates in the upcoming commencement. We’ve made it! What’s next?

Shayla Ford



The Air, Could Cause Health Problems.


Is the air we are breathing killing us? Is the air we are breathing leading to long-term health effects? I never could have imagine that I could wake up one morning being warned to stay inside because the air outside is too hazardous to breathe in. The air outside could cause some symptoms that could be detrimental to the human body. Like what? Who could have imagined?

Ozone is a colorless gas that can be good or bad, depending on where it is. Ozone in the stratosphere is good because it shields the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Ozone at ground level, where we breathe, is bad because it can harm human health. Ozone forms when two types of pollutants (VOCs and NOx) react in sunlight. These pollutants come from sources such as vehicles, industries, power plants, and products such as solvents and paints.

Ozone can cause a number of health problems, including coughing, breathing difficulty, and lung damage. Exposure to ozone can make the lungs more susceptible to infection, aggravate lung diseases, increase the frequency of asthma attacks, and increase the risk of early death from heart or lung disease.

Even healthy adults can experience ozone’s harmful effects, but some people may be at greater risk. They include:

  • People with lung disease such as asthma
  • Children, including teenagers, because their lungs are still developing and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults
  • Older adults
  • People who are active outdoors, including outdoor workers


Shayla Ford




Lush. Have you noticed the new enticing shop that “specializes” in natural products that are said to be great for your skin? Have you checked out the new products? They have so much variety from the face mask, to the bath bark, or even the bath bombs, that fizz up in the bath tub, smell very amazing and even change your bathtub water into funky colors. It’s like living in the most perfect world; I can go in and purchase items that are natural, green, and ethical! They hit the ballpark with this new shop. NOT!

You are being completely “green-washed”. Greenwashing: “disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.” So what exactly is lush failing at? First thing first is that Lush uses “fragrance” as an ingredient. Fragrance is not and has never been considered as an ingredient, it’s basically keeping Lush’s business secrets from every other competitive companies, with the withholding ingredients from fragrances, they also are using

“Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sulfates are known skin irritants and possible hormone disruptors. While they’re considered by EWG to be relatively safe, sulfates aren’t exactly sustainable. Sulfates are derived from petrolatum which is a non-renewable resource.


Several of LUSH’s products include methyl-paraben and propyl-paraben. Environmental Working Group has listed parabens as some of the most toxic substances found in cosmetics and something to be avoided. Parabens are estrogen disruptors and have been largely linked to breast cancer.

Propylene Glycol

This ingredient, which is listed as a moderate hazard, is a known skin irritant and allergen, with moderate concerns for organ toxicity.

Cocamide DEA

This nasty ingredient, which is found in most of LUSH’s shampoo products, is listed as a 7 out of 10 on EWG’s toxicity scale. It has suspected carcinogenic properties, is a skin irritant, and is also said to be toxic for the organ system. LUSH likes to play the “it came from a coconut so therefore it’s safe” card. The substance is created by reacting a mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with DEA (or diethanolamine), and this chemical process spells a lot of trouble. Just because a coconut played a part in the making of this substance does not make it safe.”- Dunst


Completely green-wash, you have to be more aware of the flashy signs that claim to be environmental friendly, all-natural, etc. Because it reality it’s just an advertisement that continues to lure people to buying things. So Lush!

Shayla Ford






I have to get that new iPhone!


It’s about that time again. It’s about that time that your phone needs a new update. You see in the general settings requesting that you update your phone, but you must be connected again. Did you not just update your phone less than a month ago? Oh, but this update is way better. You need to do this update as soon as possible. Oh you don’t see it? How old is your device? Well here’s a list of items that can’t be updated, I forgot to put it in the fine print.

“This means the end of the road for a number of devices that are currently supported by iOS 9:

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3rd gen
  • iPad mini
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPod touch 5th gen

No iOS 10 support means no more updates, and no more updates means that not only will these devices begin accumulating unpatched security vulnerabilities, but app developers will slowly phase out support for them.

The hardware might still work, but the operating system is being left to rot.

Some of these devices, specifically from the iPad camp, are really popular. In fact, iOS 10 could send as many as 40 percent of existing iPads to the scrap pile.”

As consumers, we always want all the new and shiny things, we make it a priority to be in the “in crowd”, being current, up to date with devices, especially new cellular devices. Apple has updated and changed their phone devices for many years now, and this current new update is wiping out devices that are literally going to have zero market value and will be considered scrap, obsolete.

“Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which the obsolescence (the process of becoming obsolete—that is, unfashionable or no longer usable) of a product is planned and built into it from its conception. This is done so that in future the consumer feels a need to purchase new products and services that the manufacturer brings out as replacements for the old ones.”

So you mean to tell me I just spent so much money on this apple device and now I can’t use it anymore? Sorry!

Shayla Ford

Are you even ready for kids?


Over the past week we have had the discussion about should we bring kids into this world knowing our environmental value? I found this extremely interesting not even thinking that possibly if I was to have a kid he or she could possibly run out of “essentials” to have the “luxury life” that some of us have. What I mean by this is that our consumerism that we have as a whole today is very outrageous. We are buying and using more products than ever and are starting to take products and materials for other cultures i.e. wars. We Have the luxury of buying and receiving products, if we have the money of course, at the tip of our fingertips, through the click of a button, through the swipe of the card, ok you get it, right? So when asked if we wanted to consciously bring more kids into this world, it definitely threw me for a loop.

I was surprised by the different responses that we received. Some said it’s the wives decisions others said no. In my head I was thinking of course I want to start a family, I want the white picket fence, I want the 2 ½ kids and maybe a dog our two, in a nice suburban house, obviously when I’m ready right. But let’s take a look into the data.

“In a news report, the Urban Institute think tank writes that in 2012, there were only 948 births per 1,000 women in their 20s, “by far the slowest pace of any generation of young women in U.S. history.” In 2007, the rate was 1,118 births per 1,000. The decline in births was largest among Hispanic women, at 26 percent, followed by black women, at 14 percent, and an 11 percent drop for white women.”-Khazan

Studies are showing that Millennial women in their 20’s are not having kids at the rate of the past. The article goes on to state that Millennial women aren’t having kids at this age because they want to do things like enjoy life, as well as they do not want to have kids until marriage. I found this information extremely interesting because it reflects on the class conversation. We are the millennials and majority of the conversation was gender biased with women versus men. Guess we don’t have time for that?

“These results indicate that in the near future there will be at least a temporary drop in the number of very young children. This has implications for planning how many Head Start spots, vials of vaccine and, eventually, seats in classrooms we need. If these low birth rates to women in their twenties continue, without a commensurate increase in birth rates to older women, the U.S. might eventually face the type of generational imbalance that currently characterizes Japan and some European countries, but it is too early to predict or worry about that eventuality.” -Khazan




Shayla Ford Blog #5

Did You Know A Homicide Can Be Solved in A Couple of Days? … NOT!


“Death & the Maiden” — Nick (George Eads, left) and Catherine (Marg Helgenberger, right) track two seemingly unrelated crimes that turn out to be connected by a twisted plot of revenge, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, Nov. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS. ©2009 CBS BROADCASTING INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


“The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”


OMG! My favorite disclaimer known to mankind. If those who are not aware of this notorious line, this refers to Law and Order. Something of this sort is almost always shown on prime-time crime television series. It is meant to disclaim that the crime investigations are not connected to real-life events. Yet, most of the time they play off of a real case but merely exaggerated. Did you know that you CAN’T solve a homicide in three days. TV shows such as Law and Order and CSI, have many inaccuracies, not just dealing with fictional cases, but the fact that forensic science in these portrayed TV shows are completely stretched from the truth.

The past week in class we have been talking about science and media. I want to spread light on the statement that was made in class by Dr. Sastry, “You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe and what you don’t want to believe, cable TV allows individuals to disengage from serious news.” TV shows such as, Law and Orders and CSI stretch the truth into which it is no longer accurate, and shouldn’t be believed. Media sets the agenda of what should be discussed and what should be believed. Although, these shows are meant for entertainment,many believe that that forensic science in these shows are real.

“The creator of C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigators, Anthony E. Zuiker has said that the concept for his show relies on, “the notion that blood, hair, saliva, skin, et cetera are forensically designed to tell an investigator what has happened without having any witness to a crime.” This idea, despite its invocation of several real body parts, is highly misleading. DNA evidence is not foolproof, and getting a perfect sample that will lead investigators to the perpetrator is rare.”(Gold, 2014) Viewers are assuming that what they are watching is something that coupld potential happen and real life, and the odds of this being achieved is slim to none. Robert Shaler, Ph.D, professor of biochemisty, molecular biology, and director of forensic science program states, “The inaccuracies in these shows have to do with stretching the science beyond what normally occurs, or taking computer graphics and making science do something it can’t.”

These tv shows are extremely exaggerated and made for entertainment purposes only. You can’t solve a crime in 3 days based on DNA. That science just does not exist. \



Are You Bias Against LGBT’s in Healthcare?


Have you ever been denied services in healthcare? Have you ever been discriminated by your healthcare provider? Majority of people would answer NO, without even having to think about it. Others may be hesitant to maybe think of a scenario, but more than likely would respond with NO. You are probably wondering why I am even raising this question. Here’s the reasoning behind it. It has been proven that homosexuals are often denied healthcare more than heterosexuals, and homosexuals are more than likely to be discriminated by a healthcare provider versus a heterosexual. Why?


It isn’t surprising that LGBT’s are discriminated in today’s society. But when it comes to health, and health care you would think that healthcare professionals would remain unbiased because their main job is to take care of patients. Patients include anyone who walk through the facility to be treated. Don’t healthcare professionals take and oath? Aren’t they violating that oath when they discriminate against homosexuals? Do they get penalized for discriminating? Bet you know this answer as well, NO! Health care services for homosexuals is not equal nor fair.


“The University of Washington Health Sciences are examining implicit attitudes of health care providers to lesbian women and gay men, and what this could mean for the quality of health care. Their findings appear in the American Journal of Public Health. Overall, researchers found a preference within health care providers for patients that had the same sexual identification. Unsurprisingly, heterosexual health care providers showed moderate to strong implicit preferences for heterosexual patients. Interestingly enough, the same result was found in lesbian and gay health care providers who also displayed both implicit and explicit preferences to treat lesbian and gay patients. Bisexual providers proved to be more indecisive, showing mixed preferences. There were also variations based on the type of health care profession certain participants occupied; for instance, mental health care providers showed the weakest implicit bias for sexual preferences, while nurses had the strongest preference for heterosexual patients over lesbian and gay patients.”

LGBT’s first encounter with someone at their healthcare facility visit more than likely will have a stronger preference for wanting to treat a heterosexual than a homosexual. According to health and Social work over 42% of Transgenders, have reported discrimination while being treated; harassment, physical assault and even denial of treatment. This is a major problem. Denial of treatment and being treated unequally because of sexual orientation is absurd. Many may not see the underlying issue, but just imagine if this was you, what would you do? How would you feel?




Shayla Ford