Thanks for a great semester!

As a first semester freshman I had no idea what to expect of this class or any other really. I took mostly electives and I will say this class probably had the most work involved, but it didn’t even seem like work at all compared to other classes. The professor did a wonderful job at taking the material and making it entertaining and thought provoking. I could see how the same class could have been much more boring with a different teaching style.

I was going back through my notes to try and find one area or topic that I enjoyed the most but I cant really pinpoint one thing. All the information in conjunction with each other made everything learned that much better. By starting off with health then transitioning into science and ending with our environment, it was all extremely valuable knowledge that I now have to improve my life and others to live in a better tomorrow.

Education today is taught through textbooks; we’re given letters and numbers as an external motivator, which destroys any meaningful internal motivation that drives us towards a life long love of learning. There are no true-life skills taught it’s all strict facts that require rote memorization for an easy testing formula. This is truer for high school then college but there’s still many college classes that aren’t very beneficial to a student looking to grow as person and can even be detrimental just on how they’re taught. I hope to find more classes like so because I can see a real intention behind this one. It’s helped me further my learning, question my everyday life, and to recognize problems that are occurring now; something we don’t see a lot in today’s society.

Overall my view on communication has changed dramatically and I’ve realized how needed it is. Something has to be done soon to get the public involved with science and just learning in general or else humanity is going down a very unwanted path. This class has given me a wonderful starting point with a great base of information to go off of when learning more about these areas and eventually spreading it. Also instead of teaching us what to think this class has taught us how to think and words can’t describe how appreciative I am of this.

– Jaiden Deal


Will we let politicians determine our future?


55% of the public doesn’t know about the science behind climate change and 45% realize the science, yet not all of that 45% agree that climate change is a serious issue? How have we, as a nation, reached a point where we consume the most, and emit the most greenhouse gases (next to china, who is now taking precautions) and at the same time we are the most blind to this issue.

In the beginning of Before the Flood DiCaprio shows this painting called The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch, it was painted during the Renaissance around 1500 A.D. and it depicts what was just starting to occur on the planet and will continue to get worse- that is over population and with this many problems. I wonder how creative a man could be to do paint such a masterpiece that literally shows what is occurring on Earth right now, 500 years into the future. I also wonder how ignorant we’ve become as a species to let this happen.

All we hear now is problem this problem that, and the media is completely filled with just problems and fear. “On todays news a woman was shot and killed, left for dead with no one to help her. Back to you Chad” We’re bombarded with this nonsense bullshit 24/7 and we wonder why people don’t care about the environment. On average by the time a child in the U.S. is 7 years old he or she has seen 8,000 murders and 10,000 acts of violence on TV. That can say a lot to our subconscious that can’t differ thoughts from reality, everything is a reality to it and it makes up 95% of our brain. I’m getting off track but I’m trying to show that if we can’t fix a broken system or find the root cause then will never be able to fix climate change.

I say it’s time to jump off this insane twilight zone type of cycle that picks around at a problem like we’re helpless and can’t do anything but wait for the problem to solve itself. We can recognize our past mistakes and look at them in glee because we can now transition into a more bountiful and sovereign Earth. I have a dream … that one day media will be completely filled with happiness and peace. Had to end this blog with a little humor and optimism.



– Jaiden Deal

The Most Greenwashed “product” out of them all… Money

Greenwashing, to me, is just another term to describe a new age problem if you will. All we talk about, see, read, and learn are problems. Then people have to come up with terminology to make sense of what is going on. No matter what the issue is it always comes down to money. Greenwashing is one of infinite examples, but why are companies practicing this deliberate deceiving tactic? Because of money – the profit, it’s plain and simple when you really think about it but we don’t. We accept the fact that money is the problem and that is why and the only reason why they are doing these horrible crimes against humanity mentally and physically and also to the environment, yet we let that fly right over our heads because of money’s history. We think we need money, so if this piece of paper is necessary for life then we must make excuses around it in order to justify corporation’s action.

We understand about greenwashed products and acknowledge all these companies that are participating in this movement, and then our minds wonder onto another problem. Corporations know that right now so much destruction is occurring on the planet (I mean they contribute to 95% of it, if not all) and people are starting to take notice, so why not take their observations and turn them into a marketing tactic like we’ve done for the past one-hundred plus years. In other words this is called taking advantage. They guide us with misinformation paid by the media corporations and when people finally start to find out the truth we say “naughty! Don’t do that anymore and don’t put labels on products that aren’t true.” Then they go right back to taking advantage and all of this is because of money.

Corporations care about making money on people and we the people cant figure out a real solution because we’re trying to fix the problem with the problem. It’s a vicious cycle that has gone on for too long. Humans by nature are loving, giving, and creating beings but when you introduce something that contradicts that nature like adding value to things, competition instead of cooperation, or in other words money then you get corruption of the mind that thrives on short-term gratification and self-fulfillment. We think a world without money would be chaos but fail to acknowledge the chaos we’re endeavoring right now. I mean for goodness sake our species is about to go extinct within the next century, the Great Barrier Reef is dead, and over a billion people die each year from starvation. If there’s a will there’s a way and nothing would have happened-all greatness and success and all failures-if people didn’t try, the least we can do is try because the world is going to shit anyway.


– Jaiden Deal

Is it possible to turn back around?

I love the quote “the only green product is the one not produced” I’m not sure who said this or where it’s from but it really stuck with me.

We’ve got to a point in human history where our path has been forked and if a careful decision is not taken then the next 100 years could consist of extreme struggles and drastic events with the possibility of extinction for thousands of species including ourselves. The sad thing is that a careless decision has already been made and it’s pushing us along a path towards self-destruction. This makes it much harder to correct our already established ways especially for people who allow ignorance and arrogance to cloud their judgment, but thankfully the process of reversing our direction is quite simple. All we have to do is stop, turn around, and start walking back to pick another path. I say this with a bit of humor but metaphorically speaking it really is that simple.

Going back to my wanderlust of a quote I mentioned in the beginning, Americans on average consume at a rate far greater than that of any other countries to the extent that we would need four and a half planets if everyone else were to consume at our countries rate. With this fact simple solutions emerge, which most can assume and are easier said then done, but this is truly where we have to look past learned behaviors that thrive on materialistic gratification and start consuming less, because if we don’t then consequences will occur that are beyond what our brains can even imagine.

To help this necessity of a change/transition something that can be done to help us “turn around” is to put limits on what corporations can produce and/or putting restrictions on what materials are allowed in their products. This will help one: reduce destruction of our planet from over produced natural resources like mining coal, plastics, etc. and two: It’ll force Americans and other better-off countries to consume less and hopefully give more awareness to the issue.

When writing these blogs I feel like there’s always a depressing tone to them but at the same time I feel obligated to write like so and on these topics because it connects with what we talk about in class but also because there’s so many problems in today world its incredibly ridiculous that we don’t do anything to try and fix them or even implement the solutions we have come up with! It’s frustrating when you’ve experienced something beyond yourself because you know there’s more to life than just bickering about self-created problems that don’t even need to exist. It’s like trying to explain technology and things like twitter or snapchat to your grandma/grandpa there’s some things they just don’t understand because they lack the experience of growing up with technology like you did.

– Jaiden Deal

Your action is necessary for … human survival


I recently watched the documentary Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio, a documentary about climate change. I highly suggest everyone to watch this as it relates heavily to what we’ve been talking about in class and at the same time extremely empowering- with statistics, facts, and different perceptions that cover one of the biggest crises humans have ever faced.

With all of this understanding and knowledge of green capitalism, buyospheres, landscapes as a social construction, disneyfication, and so on and so forth why hasn’t there been anything done to focus on changing these habits and learned behaviors. We’re confronted with scientifically proven evidence of how detrimental these ways of living are to ourselves, and pretty much everything else on the Earth including Earth itself. And not only do we have evidence that supports this fact but we also have been given several solutions from several different sources of how easily we could fix this problem. For starters just eating less meat and dairy can go a long way, as animal agriculture is biggest contributor to climate change. A staggering 51% actually compared to the 13% that all transportation combined emits. Another solution is moving from the burning of fossil fuels to renewable energy like solar, wind, and kinetic energy from the ocean. You may or may not have heard these solutions before but at any rate think that these are unrealistic or not viable enough, and this is where it becomes obvious as to who has done their research and who has not. And I say this with no intent of personal attack or what might have you, it’s just the truth. The only, and I truly mean only, reason as to why we haven’t fixed major issues we see throughout the world like climate change is because one: people do not have enough knowledge (even though most have it all at their finger tips) and this leads to not caring and two: fake entities (corporations) only care about short term gratification that benefits their egotistic motives, which causes drastic measures to be taken to ensure the public is satisfied, so that we as a majority continue buying their product.

If you think about all the destruction, child labor, and other devastating action that has occurred by corporations, it has all come about through means of pleasing the masses that live in more developed countries. Without every individual and their actions like compulsive buying and need for instant gratification there would be no people for the corporations to benefit off of. I believe the more aware we are of this and the more knowledge we obtain the more will start to see change on a grander level, as norms develop overtime, a more peaceful, unmaterialistic, and compassionate norm we’ll start to develop with individuals taking initiative to change old habits and selfish thinking patterns.

– Jaiden Deal




Our childhood experience manifests into adult decisions

There was a lot of deep and meaningful topics covered over the past two weeks, it was hard for me to pick something to talk about as so much could be said on just one ideology but for this blog Id like to focus on childhood experiences with nature; I believe this is a major building block when looking at the bigger picture of how our ideologies and beliefs develop.

When the professor mentioned his background with nature and the environment he grew up in I really started to realize what kind of an impact that could have on the rest of someone’s life decisions. And it started to become more apparent when others shared some of their experiences as well. It’s amazing to think how much power there is behind something as simple as going to the zoo and what it teaches our subconscious at such a young age. It’s hard for me to grasp the fact that some people still deny global warming or are just ignorant about current world affairs/problems. With this said though I know now that much of their ignorance and/or lack of understanding could have come from missing out on something most people think is normal or “simplistic” such as playing in the woods as a kid or just being around true organic nature. I say this because when I take time to recapitulate past memories with nature and then look at other peoples experiences with nature, it seems to me that their rationalization for something correlates with how much personally they’ve been around nature. For example someone who appreciates nature for what it really is has usually had hands on experience, but someone who has not doesn’t understand everything that nature has to offer and with this comes along agreements and disagreements of what should be done to protect the Earth that we live on.

From friends anecdotes to my personal experience I’ve come to see all the benefits of just taking time to walk in organic nature and I can start to sympathize for Native Americans who believe we are truly one with nature. Our mind tends to disassociate with matters that we don’t understand because we have not experienced something to indicate that it’s actually “real”. I used to look at meditating as weird or Native Americans as weird for practicing the things they do but as I started to experiment and try meditation for myself it didn’t seem so weird after all. I guess something to take out of all this is don’t knock it till you try it. Also if more people started to get hands on experience I believe more and more action can be initiated, so that we start seeing true change in the way we currently operate when it comes to environmental protection.

– Jaiden Deal

Where will technology lead us next?


Technology is becoming more advanced every day, yet our culture and societal ways are staying stagnant. This is where I believe glaring issues like “80% of Americans can’t read the science section of the New York Times” are manifesting. How have we let the psychology of people’s minds be so molded that we allow them to deny scientific evidence because it doesn’t go with their beliefs and assumptions. This kind of attitude is leading us down a path that we don’t want to go down and has already caused numerous problems that are growing every day. The fact that we’re allowing corporations to continue their destructive behaviors across the globe for short-term fulfillment is absolutely absurd. It goes to show that our governments and officials are not taking technology into real consideration because children are still being groomed in education the same way they were half a century ago. You can argue that education has “grown” since then, but it’s still structured the same and still has the same principles of what needs to be taught.

Education is one of many examples, but I’m pointing out that we’re seeing an increase in one way thinking and disregarding of science because we don’t like change, so this “nature of life” is being completely ignored to the extent that we’ll fight for the old system that has caused detrimental patterns in our ways of taking action.

As an individual it’s hard to take action and change old/existing habits because as a human we like to feel in control and it’s comforting knowing what we’ve known for years and years. But unfortunately change is the way of life (not that it’s a bad thing whatsoever very beneficial actually, but in the spur of the moment we like to think it is) and when we go against change all flow stops and problems start to occur. Science has proven that all atoms that make up our entire body completely change over a two-year span, we’re not even the same person we were two years ago physically or mentally even though we like to think we are.

I truly believe all change starts with the individual and if we start to take little actions here and there to change our old habits and thinking patterns we’ll be able to use technology to its fullest rather than letting it disconnect us more and allowing it to support our existing bias. I can say from personal experience I’ve become a more loving, compassionate, and understanding person than ever before in the past year through practice of changing my behaviors that I know don’t serve my best interest. I hope more will join me and see that when you go with the change life becomes a much more fulfilling and fun-filled adventure rather than an anticipation of letdowns.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” -Albert Einstein

– Jaiden Deal