Delhi Chokes

Pollution continues to stir up our skies. After a holiday festival, Delhi has been covered with smog from the emissions of firecrackers and plains on fire. The capital of India is in a state of emergency after the incident and people are being asked to evacuate if possible.

Why is this a problem to begin with? Why can’t we just finally understand that the pollution of the air is a bad thing? If there was a public service announcement and people actually listened, this could have been avoided.

Everyday we see the climate changing. Everyday we see the negative effects that our species has on the planet, but we never seem to learn. If we could dedicate time and energy to create a world that uses natural resources like wind and the sun and stop polluting the air with dumb things like firecrackers, it would help a lot.

The people in Delhi, India are literally choking on the air. There is a lot of toxic chemicals in what they are breathing. The smog is so heavy that it is difficult to drive and I’m sure people are getting sick.

In my opinion, we are going in a specific direction and I think pretty much everyone knows it. Either we move forward or we are going backwards. We have to look at the facts and help each other improve the planet. Let’s use our tax dollars, our volunteer hours, and our motivation to make a change.

In the United States, we spend a lot of tax revenue on stuff that is unnecessary in my opinion. We also give tax breaks to rich people, and that’s not right. If we spent less money on our military (right now we spend more on our military than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of which are our allies) we could fix this problem pretty quickly actually.

I’m also sure that if we stopped giving so many tax breaks to millionaires and places of worship we would have a lot more money to spend on the environment as well. Let’s also not forget that we have to alert everyone to do their part to stop polluting the air with fireworks and fire.

The people in India can’t breathe right now and it’s thanks to our species. Let’s take initiative before our whole planet is forced to hold it’s breath.



It Isn’t the End of Bees

There has been a lot of conversation lately about the extinction of honeybees and what it will do to our food supply and planet. People are panicking because they feel like some sort of apocalypse is on it’s way. It’s now safe to say that none of this will be happening. There were a lot of bees dying due to modern farming practices, but they won’t become extinct as a species.

The article that I read states, “Dire predictions about a drop in bee population, leading to a food crisis, have been way overblown. Bee keepers simply replace their dead hives — for the price of a movie ticket you can buy a queen online right now — so there are just as many commercial bees in America today as there were in 2006.” Bee keepers are doing their part. Even thought they are the cause of a lot of death in the bee species, they also keep it thriving.

We haven’t been ignoring the issue either. Even though it’s not a dire issue it is still an issue. The article states, “In May, the Obama administration unveiled the first “National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.” It’s a bureaucratic title, but a simple plan: More pasture land, less pesticide, and better remedies for disease.” This solves the problem.

In class, we discussed different movies that we watched and how they pertain to the environment in reality. The movie “Bee Movie” actually touches on this issue. Human intervention does cause problems in the natural habitats of animals. Even though the bees aren’t going to go extinct, there are many other species that might if we don’t change our behavior, including our own.

This was the hottest year on record. Global warming is real. It’s 70 degrees in Ohio in November. Does that seem right? No. There are thing we can do to prevent this, just like we made changes to support the well being of the bee species. We can stop driving cars that burn fossil fuels, we can stop utilizing cows so much, etc. We have the power to stop all of this.

The human footprint grows every day. Species go extinct and we continue to live frivolously. This is not right. We are the problem and we are also the only solution. If we can all come together and make small changes to our daily lives, we can make a real impact. Animals and insects are here to live with us, not for us.


Jensen Harris

Raising a Child is Expensive

In class, we talked about whether it’s logical to have children or not. Well, my answer to that question is definitely not any time soon. To raise your child, it now costs about $250k. That’s way more money than I’m prepared to pay right now. I have trouble keeping up with my own expensive habits, how could I ever care for a child?

Not only does the typical human take from the Earth and essentially age the environment, it causes a lot of stress in the daily life of society, whether it’s stressing the parents or some sort of public institution. A woman in the article states that her child’s daycare is almost as expensive as her mortgage. Can you imagine that? I can’t even picture having mortgage right now not to mention having double mortgage just to have a daycare for my child. A child that I didn’t even have to have. Especially early in life.

A quarter of a million dollars. Can you picture that? Do you think that you need to have a child to get motivated to earn that over the course of 18 years? No. Imagine earning that money and being able to spend it on whatever you wanted. You could buy a huge house or an awesome boat. Whatever you wanted. That’s just by not having a child. Something that will stress you out anyway.

If you don’t earn enough money to support your child, your child will also take from taxpayer money at some point. If they want to go to college they will get more grants, if they can’t eat off of your salary you’ll have to get food stamps, they will have to receive donations, etc. This will cause others to work harder because of your inability to bear children.

Having a child when you’re ready is truly your choice and I would never take that choice away from anyone. I believe that we are on the earth with natural urges to reproduce. Species reproduce to stay alive. I would just ask people to be cautious of whether they’re ready enough for that challenge. Your kid is going to take from society and nature. Are you ready to help with that? Will you keep them in check?

Our species has been overdoing it for years. We have all kinds of children and we forget that we already have enough people in the world. Our planet is overpopulated. There’s so many children who are left uncared for and we keep having more and more. We have to slow down and be responsible.


Jensen Harris

Trump Tests the Public Ear Once Again

Should private lives and politics be separate entities? Should a political candidate’s private sexual life be acknowledged? Well, it seems like Americans view the private lives of candidates as an important matter considering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are always on the news because of something they’ve done wrong. But who are we to judge what is right and wrong in terms of running a country? Was John F. Kennedy wrong for the multiple women he was with during his presidency? Was Bill Clinton wrong for the obvious scandals he was involved in? Were these actions any indicator that these men were unable to perform their jobs? I don’t think so.

What a man wants to do sexually is his own business. Some of us may be different than others in that aspect, but we can’t judge how someone will perform their job from a sexual encounter they had. I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, but the media is giving him such a hard time for comments he made 11 years ago about women. 11 YEARS ago. He did not know that the comments were being recorded and he was using a typical guy’s locker room type of vocabulary. It’s harmless. He said what he said because no one else was supposed to hear it. How does this pertain to his ability to be the president? He never even did these things, he just talked about them. Now, he is a villain and people are starting to doubt his abilities.

I don’t think it’s very fair to be so close minded about a person. Of course, he’s a big shot millionaire and he talks a lot of smack, but he’s a person just like everyone else and he says things that aren’t so admirable sometimes. We’ve all been there. This is all being thrown back into his face for no reason.

I also think it’s crazy how as soon as someone starts weighing in on a political issue you can tell who they support super fast. If you tune into a radio station, they will make snide little comments about a candidate. If you turn on the television, you’ll see a certain candidate being glorified on one channel and vilified on another. There’s people who support Donald and have his back, and there are people who want to make sure he NEVER becomes president and they do everything in their power to stop it. Like I said, I don’t support Trump at all. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, but I will not vote for Donald. Making him out to be a monster for making sexual comments is foolish. It’s unfair and it’s just childish. We want this election to be like a TV drama and it really confuses me.

In conclusion, judge a political candidate by looking at what he/she has to offer POLITICALLY. Don’t sit there and judge a football star off of his ability to juggle. Stick with what’s actually important and stop being a hater.


Jensen Harris

Trump Supports OTC Birth Control

Donald Trump has finally said something that I agree with. He thinks that over the counter birth control should be legal and available. Finally. A republican making sense on this issue. When we look at the issue without religion corrupting our brains, we see that child birth is a huge problem and it needs to be solved. The only way to solve it is to make sure every girl is on birth control. It’s so hard to get on birth control for females these days, it’s no wonder why people are having kids so young.

Let’s be real. People don’t like using condoms. It’s pretty evident that that is the case. The only option left is female birth control. I mean, it’s not the ONLY option, but people don’t usually use anything but those 2 methods. The chart that I’ve included states the effectiveness of all types of birth control. Obviously oral contraceptives are the most effective, so why doesn’t everyone just use them? It really makes me wonder about the logic of the American people. We have the ability to make birth control readily available and save people’s lives, so why don’t we just do that? People are stubborn, that’s why.

If I was a girl and I was sexually active, I would be on the pill immediately. I don’t want to get pregnant. Sometimes I really wish there was a male birth control that wasn’t a piece of rubber. It would be really helpful and I would never have to worry about having a kid. My biggest fear is having a child too young. I don’t want to have to support another human being. I can hardly support myself with the help of my parents, how on earth would I be a father? These are questions that religions are stubborn about. Why is religion holding back innovation. We can all live hand and hand. We can live together using logic.

Trump actually made me happy for once in my life. He made a huge step that I hope rubs off on many other republicans. This stuff needs to be over the counter so we can prevent teenage pregnancy and overpopulation. If we don’t act now, young lives will be essentially ruined. Let’s follow Mr. Trump in this matter. Let’s make birth control readily available in grocery stores and pharmacies. For the good of our youth. For the good of our country.


Jensen Harris

How Americans Spend Their Day

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the country is doing while you’re doing what you are doing? Have you ever felt lazy or unproductive and you feel like others are passing you up in life? Take a look at this chart and see the averages of what Americans are doing at the different hours of the day.

The first thing that I noticed about the chart was that we spend a lot of time sleeping. It’s a colossal portion of what we do. There’s obviously certain designated hours for sleep, but we sleep all day. We technically do everything all day at some point.

The second thing I noticed about the graph was that we actually don’t work THAT much. I figured that we would be working quite a bit, but that is not the case whatsoever. Work/education do take up a bit of the graph, but not nearly as much as I expected. That makes me feel a bit better about myself when I’m snoozing on the couch in the middle of the day.

The third thing I noticed about the graph is that we don’t spend as much time on personal care as I thought. I figured with a shower, brush of the teeth, nose trimming, etc. we would spend a lot of time on personal care, but I was wrong.

The fourth thing I noticed about the graph is that we hardly do anything but sleep at 5AM. Apparently, there’s not many people who actually work the night shift. I imagined that there would be quite a few people either working or getting ready for work at 5AM but that wasn’t the case.

The fifth thing I noticed about the graph is that a lot of people skip breakfast. No one seems to be eating early in the morning. There is a very big amount of people eating lunch and dinner, but we are skipping out on the most important meal of the day!

We seem to like socializing and performing household activities. I love doing those things, so that did not surprise me whatsoever.

I also understand why traveling is such a big deal too. I drive so much every day and it gets annoying but it has to be done. Even walking from place to place can take a long time. Especially on campus.

If you’re feeling lazy or out of place, look at this graph. If you want to be better than others, work more. Plain and simple.


Jensen Harris

2016: The Hottest Year on Record

2016 has been the hottest year on record hands down. Every month has been a record high for temperature across the globe. The image I have included describes the intensity of the damage. You may find yourself asking, why? Why is our planet suffering from a heat stroke? Well the simple answer is greenhouse gases. Emissions from cars, large plants, etc. These things are all bad and we are making improvements in technology to help. The problem with our society is that we are being ignorant of innovation. There is a car called a Tesla. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this car, but it’s completely electric and omits no greenhouse gases. This car was outlawed in Texas. Why? So people wouldn’t lose their jobs in the fuel industry. We suppressed the innovation to make way for more ignorance. Our planet is suffering from it.

Another big issue is cows. Cows are farm animals that are used for meat and dairy. The more meat and dairy we consume, the more cows we need to have on farms. Cows are a problem. Cows poop and fart a lot. The number one cause of greenhouse gases is cow poop and farts. It sounds strange, but it’s true. Again, we are being ignorant of this problem. We as a planet are still eating meat and dairy. We haven’t made any changes concerning our diet and it’s hurting our planet. I know it’s hard to give up eating meat, I still haven’t given it up, but we need to stop shaming vegetarians and vegans. There is such a stereotype against these people, that they’re weak, hippies, etc. and it’s not cool anymore. You want to know what’s cool? Saving our planet. Being responsible.

In conclusion, we have to stop being ignorant. So many people are polluting the planet with their ignorance. We have to be educated. People are wondering why it’s so hot outside. They’re wondering why our winters are so short and why there’s hardly any snow on the ground but they’re not reading anything about it. It’s like they don’t care. Even when they do look it all up they just ignore it and continue living their life the same way. That’s no way to live. Our kids and their kids and their kids and so on are going to have to deal with the fallout of all of this nonsense. Stop being ignorant.