BP and the gulf of Mexico spill

Oil covered duck

In the past week we were discussing the effects of human error on the environment. Back in 2o1o, there was a huge oil spill that caused a lot of problems. The main thing that was affected were the marine life. It was a national disaster that caused big problems for both BP and for the United States. That brings us to 2016. There was another spill in the gulf. It was a damaged pipeline  at a Royal Dutch Shell production field. It was located off the coast of Louisiana and is estimated that 90,000 gallons of oil.  That makes me wonder when is enough enough? After the news of this recent spill, the Obama Administration decided that there will not be any pipelines in the Atlantic Ocean. They create a list of possible places where new oil and or gas leasing is possible for companies, they decided to keep the Gulf on the list for now. I believe they need to make that change immediately. The day that the Shell leak was discovered, a protest over new Gulf oil and gas leases was held at a U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in New Orleans. People have been worried ever since the first disaster. The coastal communities across the gulf witnessed the devastating gamble on their years harvest, All ruined by fossil fuels off shore. They had a first hand experience of the extreme dangers. Personally as a kid in Ohio, when i first heard of the spill i was shocked. Then I was images of the animals effected. I saw ducks and otters turned black from oil on the news, along with sharks and whales whom were overturned, belly up. In other words they were dead. The need for humans to drive is causing more and more problems for the natural world. Personally, i hope we can quickly find an alternative resource to oil so we can cut back on a lot of the worlds current problems.



Social media’s effect on your health

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It is believed that students who spend more than three hours each school day on social media are more than twice as likely to suffer from poor mental health. In a report done by the Office for National Statistics, it shows that percentages of kids who have  symptoms of mental health issues. Twelve percent of Kids who  spend no time on social media have so symptoms. It then rises to twenty seven percent for those who spend three or more hours a day on social media. The main symptom is delays in their emotional and social development. The only good news is that most kids spend between zero and three hours a day on social media, at least for now.

That report was from 2010 until 2013. How often do you personally use social media? When you’re sitting in class and you start to wonder, what else  is happening in the world, you then check your twitter, or snap chat, or some type of online media. I too fall victim to the dangers of the online world. The main reasons you should try to avoid using social  media while in class are because you become more focused on what you are looking at rather than what your instructor is trying inform you on. The other reason is social media affects the way in which we perceive things. In other words, it becomes harder to determine what is reality and what is fantasy.


Natural meditation

We took a couple minutes to close our eyes and visualize a scenic view of nature. This is a form of meditation. The main reason is to benefit one’s health, meditating has been shown to reduce stress and improve focus. Many athletes partake in  meditation because it is believed sports are 90% mental and only 10% physical. Micheal Jordan had a professor from a nearby university come in and help him work on focus. That led him to 6 world championships with the Chicago Bulls. If you have ever felt stressed it might be a good idea to take a second and clear your mind.

By definition, meditation is simply time spent in quiet thought for the purpose of relaxation. So it is not like you have to sit crossed legged and hum and close your eyes so you can find your zen. You can meditate as you walk to class, go to the restroom or as you drive somewhere. The main thing to meditation is to stay grounded and aware of your thoughts. If you can figure out how to control it you can do something graet.



What are you breathing?

Have you ever looked to the sky and wondered why a particular jet had a white mist leaving a trail? As a kid i used to think it was the coolest thing. Turns out it could have a greater effect on us. In the scientific community they are known as “contrails” but you might be more familiar with the name “chem trails”. According to scientist there are many reasons that these planes are needed. Some can include seeding of clouds to induce rain or trying to deter global warming. What do these effects have on humans and animals though? a big one if you ask me. There has been time when i ask myself, “how in the hell did i get sick!!”. the only cause i could think of was when i looked to the sky and saw a chem trail on a clear day. It is a fact that certain heavy metals and chemicals can throw off one’s immune system. That was the case with me. On the regular, we are exposed to more than 100,000 chemicals and there is a chance that they become synergistic. That means that these chemicals have a chance to work together to increase the effectiveness of it and potency of the chemical. Among these chemicals, most have never been tested to see if they are safe for humans to come in contact with. Personally i believe that Coronary heart disease is linked to chem trails. The reason why is they are very prevalent in North America  and that is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. To go along with that Asthma and upper respiratory illness is very common. Anywhere from 100-150 million people suffer from asthma world wide. in the U.S alone, 16.4 million adults have asthma along with 7 million children. A total of 37 million Americans are affected. My question to you, is chem trials the cause of your asthma?



malik johnson

What is normal health?

During the first week of classes, we discussed numerous possibilities of what our ideas of normal health was. What stuck out to me was that everyone’s idea of having normal health is different. To have normal health depends on your personal situations and also what has happened with your family’s health history. Since we all are different we can not judge someone else based on how they look based on our health.

To go along with the idea of normal health, we judge people everyday not based upon if they are healthy but based soley by their look. This causes life long problems for people who are slightly bigger especially when they are younger and in school. Bullying will occur and cause depression  in kids which leads to obesity also. When we finally realize that everyone is made different. we will get over a lot of our problems. People can be so rude that we make them feel like there is no option about how they look and they will be like that for the rest of their lives. Little so they know that it is normal for you to look totally different after years past.

The media also would show an imagine of what an “ideal” body looks like. That also causes problems for people. Some people spend their whole lives trying to have a perfect body based on societies standards. It is  not necessary for us to get worked up over our image because you can pick up unhealthy habits all while trying to gain the physique of someone who you can never be.