Difference between “Work” and “Leisure”

In class this week, we talked about the difference between work and leisure. Work is something we do to make money and support ourselves and our family. Work gives us the feeling of responsibility and self-respect. While working, we make money as well as friends. This is good for us because without money we wouldn’t be able to survive in the economy, especially not be well off. Producing a social life is always good for us because it helps us interact with others and develop communication skills. When a person is working, whether its a job they like or don’t like, they often find a skill they are very good at and use it almost everyday. Work helps people find satisfaction and helps them create something with their life. Leisure on the other hand, is something we do to relax and enjoy ourselves. Leisure may have something to do with work, depending on what we enjoy, but often it is put aside from work.

Growing up, I was told to always get a job in something you enjoy. This way, you may get your leisure time while at work. For example, my brother always had a love for construction and building. He was constantly drawing up plans of things he wanted to build and helping my mom on our house instead of hiring something. My brother doesn’t care about the money or the title- he does something he enjoys. He spends almost all day everyday working and constantly staying busy. He finds himself happy and relaxed while working, therefore, his leisure time is in his work. My sister on the other hand works at a desk. She sits all day- answering telephone calls and opening the door for people. She doesn’t enjoy this job, but she does it for the money and the thought of having a responsibility. With a case like this, you have to find time for leisure time after work. When my sister gets off, she often goes home and workouts, plays with her dog, or spends time with her children.

Work is one thing we have to make a necessity. But Leisure doesn’t fall far behind.

-Madi Lawhon


One thought on “Difference between “Work” and “Leisure”

  1. I agree with this post, work and leisure are two completely different things. For them to be the same, you would have to be getting paid to do what you love doing.

    -Laura Baltmiskyte


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