Final thoughts


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I would like to say that I really did enjoy this course. I came into this course not really knowing what to expect or what I would learn from it. The thing that I really would like to praise in this class would be the discussion aspect of it. I find that for me I really succeed in classes where students and I are really able to engage and discuss what is being talked about and taught. It really helps to keep me engaged in the class. I love to engage and voice my opinion about topics that are interesting. Listening to others opinions also really got me to draw my attention to the class.  My favorite topic of discussion by far was in the final weeks of this class about environmental communication. I have always talked about and enjoyed the topic of the environment. I found the topics we discussed about how the environment is communicated about or portrayed  in our world very captivating. I have even been able to imply some of the material I have learned about in my own conversations outside of class. Even if I do not decide to make a career out of this class I really believe that this class will help me become more educated for the real world.Another thing I surprisingly enjoyed from this class was the readings. I hate reading but, these books really got me to open up to the idea. I found them very interesting and easy for me to read. I even would fine myself reading ahead because I was so interested. So many of the lessons we talked about and read about in this class are so relevant to what is happening in our society right now. Very few of the classes I am in at the moment will leave me walking away with a lasting impression but, for this class I know I will take away  information that will stay with me through my life.

-Claire Greve

One thought on “Final thoughts

  1. I agree with you, I really think that having discussion in class better help with understanding the content.

    Shayla Ford


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