The Cooperation of *science* and *faith*

Many believe that he/ she must choose a side; science or faith. The problem is, the two go hand and hand. I am a Christian, strong in my faith in Jesus Christ. This fact about my life, however, does not negate my belief in scientific facts. In the following article, Robert Fay addresses how scientific beliefs came to be based on presupposed Christian beliefs. It’s worth the read if this topic at all interests you:

I find it very important to be able to understand both science and faith, and how they cooperate. I believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and it breaks my heart that many scientists feel that they cannot accept the salvation because of their scientific beliefs. Science cannot prove my faith, and my faith cannot prove science– but that’s why life is mysterious and always challenging. There are holes in science that can only make sense if one chooses to trust and believe beyond proof.

I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂 I hope this sparked any sort of interest for you!


Olivia Turner


5 thoughts on “The Cooperation of *science* and *faith*

  1. I like your post a lot!! Its short and sweet and that article is so non-controversial it is refreshing. I’m inspired by your boldness of faith and feel very similar to what you feel on this topic!!


  2. I like what you said here. Ive always had a difficult time really, I mean whole heartedly deciding what it is i believe and truly accepting it. being raised Catholic and put through catholic school its in a way pushed me away from traditional religion. I believe in the big bang and this and that but I also have such an intense feeling that there is a force out there, something you cant explain or if youve felt it deny for that matter, and this force is something i believe you can experience, if you’re open to it and spiritually capable; the native americans referred to it as the “great spirit”, but they were far from christian or catholic.


    • Right! It’s sad sometimes how “church” will misrepresent Jesus and push people away from their faith. What it comes down to is–there IS a savior who love you and died for you so that you can live a life of grace!


  3. I respect that fact that you are open to both . I think that they can definitely be used to explain what goes on in the world.

    Olivia Spencer


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